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Adventures in

Adventures In Gideon:  Kingdom Principles & Life Lessons My Dog Taught Me

A Witty, engaging and thought-provoking. Gideon takes you on an adventure in your faith, love and how you see humanity. Who would think that a Weimaraner dog could teach so many life lessons? I want a dog after reading this book!


LaVada D. Humphrey // Author, Coach and Radio Personality


Chicken Soup
for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul - I’m Speaking Now

Black Women Share Their Truth 101 Stories of Love, Courage and Hope

Quarantine Happy Hour - page 288

My first try and I’m a part of a historic compilation by this global brand. Exciting!



Adventures in Gideon Volume II

Adventures In Gideon Volume II - The Journey Continues

This second installation of the Adventure series chronicles our move back east and all that comes with transition. Gideon’s barnacles of life as his vet calls them, and his new girlfriend, dog park and house of worship. Pre-order your copy!

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