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Welcome to Michele’s Pen! 

Our Story

Michele Brown is a storyteller and a dog lover. Her dog lover journey began with Pepper, a white German Shepherd she was raised with – and continued with Mr. Wiggles in college, a stray found on GWU’s campus. Years later in graduate school at NYU, she met Misty, the most elegant Weimaraner. It was love at first sight. They were inseparable – and so began her love affair with the breed. Adopting Gideon is the fullest expression of her love for Misty and Weimaraners. For the last 12 years, Michele has been on a wonderful journey of faith, self-awareness and personal growth, compliments of Gideon and their ever-unfolding relationship.

About Adventures In Gideon

Adventures In Gideon was published in 2007. Now some 12 years later, there is so much more to say and to chronicle. 

Adventures In Gideon: The Adventure Continues will introduce you to even more stories, anecdotes, and to Gideon’s friends and Aunties – people he’s met, people who’ve taken care of him, and those who simply love him (and me by extension LOL).

Thanks for your support – whether you’re purchasing the first book or pre-ordering the second installment, we are grateful.

Let’s Connect!

We would love to hear from you. Have you met Gideon and had your own special encounter? Would you like to buy a book? Interested in hosting a book reading event for us? We look forward to speaking with you.


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