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Maldives or Bust

The Maldives or Bust…

Whenever I see a picture of a villa with crystal blue water flowing under it, my heart sinks. It reminds me that I should have scheduled my trip to the Maldives in 2019. Instead, I talked to myself and close friends about the trip but NEVER made any concrete plans to actually take the trip. No, it’s not procrastination, by definition, that would mean I was “delaying or postponing a task or activity.” In this instance, I have to honestly say that I looked into it, and then quietly talked myself out of it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about belief and how it can either catapult us forward to dare greatly, or it can hold us in stagnation because even though what we want is available, possible and within our grasp, if we don’t believe it to be so, we cannot and will not attain it. The first six months of 2021 have moved swiftly and with it, the shedding of some of the PTSD of 2020, but not all of it. I think we’re still gonna be unpacking last year and its implications.

One of the questions that is attached to my face like an alien is, “what do I really believe?” Not just spiritual beliefs. Nah, what do I fundamentally believe about me and my life? See, the Maldives is a billboard reminding me that I didn’t think I could travel that far for that long alone. When I did some cursory research, I thought the flight was too far. Maybe I needed to reconsider. I mean if you’ve seen one palm tree you’ve seen em all right? NOPE. But that was the lie I chose. As the months wear on, I realize that some of my beliefs are limiting and must be unpacked and either retooled or destroyed altogether. The head of the dragon must be taken. I can’t peddle hope to others and hold limiting beliefs about my own capabilities…so…I won’t. I’m going to the Maldives in 2022. I need the year to navigate vaccines and travel and all the gnarly details – but I am going because nearly 600,000 people lost their lives in 2020 and will never see those pristine waters. I will not allow anything to keep me from what is here for me to enjoy and experience.

What about you friend? Are there places, people or activities that you’d like to enjoy but you’ve talked yourself out of it? I invite you to revisit and unpack what you believe and why you believe it – and let’s live life on purpose from now on. God knows life is short. Let’s commit to live with such intention and such vitality, that God Himself will have to revisit the blueprint concerning you.

What will you do when you believe? I’m heading out of the country!

Be encouraged

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